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    FGU and Forge Map Packs Not Using Grid Offsets


    I have been fighting with an issue for a while and was hoping that maybe the hive brain has an answer.

    After building a map using the in software map tools and exporting the .xml characteristics file, the file will report a grid offset appropriately in underneath the grid tags. Example:

    <root version="4.1" dataversion="20210708">

    An issue arises however when importing the image and xml file into another campaign, or after uploading them to the forge. Even though the xml file includes the offset, the grid doesn't appear to be moving per that offset and is set back to the original location. I know that the grid offset is also saved in the db.xml files of the campaign, but it seems like after importing the images, this isn't being updated per the image xml. Is there a way to resolve this so that after forge Map Pack items are imported from the assets tab they use the appropriate offset?

    Thanks to anyone for the help!

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    Do you have an example map pack with a single image where we can see the issue? It will be easier to track down that way.


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