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    3rd magnitude is also incorrect and I found a bug in the chat output. I'll get this pushed tonight to along with the one this morning. It is a low magic system so stop playing a caster

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    But it's so fun to use magic!
    The story is that the PC is cursed with power and near death. He's got to rid himself of the magic curse.
    Thank you for all the work overall
    The beginning of any story is a happy accident; the end, a tragic fate.

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    So,,, I'm goina sounds like a real d- about this. First Mag spells are still not working right. Selecting the spell brings up AP cost of 5, but after the second selection, the AP cost remains 5. You must select at least three requirements to lower the cost by one point beyond the first requirement.

    When casting a spell against a creature/NPC, is there a way to roll it and have their Mind attribute automatically deduct from the roll, as Defense does? The GM has to make the call because they know the Mind att.

    Third, is there a way to apply damage directly from a spell, both with Cantrips making one point, 1st 1d6, etc. - and applying the wounds from the spell to the caster? (I know, low magic. But I'm playing a PC like Elric, Sypha Belnades (sorceress from Catlevania - which is deeply S&S), Kane, and Geralt; deconstruction of the genue .
    The beginning of any story is a happy accident; the end, a tragic fate.

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    Last question first. No. I am not adding that to the ruleset. I already put in a ton of work just to have something playable. I am not the original dev.

    I see that with First mag spells. Second mag seems to work fine. I will go back in and address.

    WRT to NPCs it looks like it is counting the modifier twice. So again I will take a look at it. You are saying it is not taking it into account at all? I do not see that

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    OK man I submitted an update for the last two. I appreciate you giving this play through. Nobody plays magic casters

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    Awesome - Our next game (Stromlord and I) is in two weeks. I really like the Eric and Kane characters, so it's cool to recreate them in an RPG with this ruleset.
    I did not know you were not the org dev, so thank you! for all the tons of work you put into this. Great to play on FGU, it is fun!
    The beginning of any story is a happy accident; the end, a tragic fate.

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    Hey Bayne, likewise I appreciate the work you've done here to update and upgrade the BoL ruleset. Any plans to add large scale land battle mechanics to the ruleset? I really like the simplicity of battle mechanics in BoL and it's doable as is but it would be nice to have a battle round result tracking system that works off the combat tracker.

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    @bayne7400 hey could you add a chat message for when an NPC is killed in combat? The current chat output doesn't have such a statement. Minor detail but it sure would be helpful.

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