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Thread: Icons Feedback

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    Icons Feedback

    I've been messing around with the icons ruleset and wanted to give some general feedback and suggestions:

    1. Color Scheme: I like the cartoon look and the patterns, but I would simplify the color scheme. There are too many colors and too many of the colors used clash. it's hard on the eyes. Also, white script on yellow background doesn't work at all. I would change that. The color scheme is VERY unattractive and may cause people to not want to use this ruleset. I'd go with a simpler color scheme, fewer colors. I'd pick no more than 4 colors, preferably just 2 or maybe at most 3. Right now it's yellow and purple and green and blue and orange etc. etc. etc. I like the patterns! Just don't like the colors.
    2. Sidebar Background:The background on the sidebar does not match the size of the buttons. The buttons overlap the background and it looks sloppy. I'd made the sidebar wider.
    3. Sidebar Buttons: The default buttons don't really match the comic books colors of the theme. I'd change them to match.
    4. Character Wizard: A character wizard (similar to D&D 5e, Alien RPG or Cyberpunk Red) would be a bonus.
    5. Character Origin Link: It would help if the character origin on the character sheet were a link and not simply text. That way, if I forget what it is, or want to reference it, it's accessible from the character page and I don't have to dig it out of the side bar.
    6. Interface Misspelled in Chat: When rolling powers from the table, Sensory Powers Table B, Interface is misspelled as "Inerface".
    7. Power Levels Need an Explanation: Character Creation in the Reference manual says "3. Powers: Roll to determine the number, type and levels of your hero's powers." First: there NEEDS to be a note to remind the player to roll on the level determination. Second: there needs to be a way to edit the power so that all powers aren't simply Level 1 "Weak". Third: there needs to be an explanation how to edit this or it needs to be more obvious. For a game about superpowers, adding powers needs to be easier and more intuitive.
    8. Specialty Determination Level: There's no place or way to add the specialty determination level. The auto roller table rolled it, but I have no way to record it.
    9. Weapons and Armor, Inventory: Weapons and armor take up a lot of space on the abilities tab, but I can't find weapons or armor anywhere in the ruleset. Also, I have an inventory tab, but see no place to find things to put in my inventory.
    10. Background, Main Tab, Character Sheet: I'd get rid of the lines. Makes it harder to read. In fact, I'd increase text size and move background to notes. It's not important enough to be on the main page.
    11. Automation: I see that enemy weapons and damage and damage blocking are automated. NICE! I like it. A bit more in the automation department wouldn't go wrong.

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    1. Can look into this, but will not be something that happens "soon".
    2. Will look into adjusting this.
    3. Will look into adjusting this.
    4. You can create a wizard type using the rules (read up on Occult). All publisher provided content is included in the ruleset and modules.
    5. Will look into adding this in the future.
    6. Uploaded fix for the typo.
    7. The Power Auto Roller table will roll power and determination level. To edit the value, click on the number and type a new value between 1 and 10.
    8. For now you can edit the specialty item and add a value. Will look to add that functionality in a future release.
    9. Most items are treated as powers. The weapons and armor lists are there for convenience to create your own weapons and armor for custom/homebrew style games.
    10. This is something that can be looked into, but not making any promises as it is just a cosmetic request.
    11. Indeed.

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    4. Apologies: I meant "Character creation wizard" like some other rulesets have the leads you through the character creation process. However, this is kind of "wish list" sort of thing, and not an absolute necessity. Just a sort of "wouldn't it be nice" feature.

    7. So far, every time I have a power, it's been level 1 "weak". I've tried clicking on the number, but nothing happens. I can keep trying though and get back to you. Maybe just bad luck ..

    Thank you for the reply! I really do appreciate it very much!

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    7. You wont see anything when you click the number, but once clicked, you should be able to just type in a new number.

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    8. Added this to future next update. A box with a number which is rollable will be available on the character sheet

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    Quote Originally Posted by mixologee View Post
    7. You wont see anything when you click the number, but once clicked, you should be able to just type in a new number.
    Thank you! I'll try that!

    Quote Originally Posted by mixologee View Post
    8. Added this to future next update. A box with a number which is rollable will be available on the character sheet
    Wow! thank you very much! I really appreciate it!

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    Is there any way to change the font? There is so much that is unreadable.

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    Can you take a screen clip of the area where you are having a hard time reading? (Windows + Shift + S shortcut key combo)
    Also, are you running any extensions? If so, do you have the same problem without extensions?


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    I looked at the Store Page and thought this looked good.
    A few questions.

    Is ICONs ruleset working with FGU 4.5 at present?
    Has it been updated to work.

    Are the nice coloured character sheets still present in the current version of FGU?

    Can I drag/drop attacks onto a token on the map?
    Like I can in D&D 5E for example?

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    1. The ICONS ruleset has been maintained to run in v4.5, but is not under active development by the original DLC developer.
    2. Most of the sheets have been kept; though they have been consolidated somewhat as part of the maintenance to standardize.
    3. I'm not familiar with the ruleset or game system to know how this works.


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