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    DLCs on the Forge

    We aim to release a number of the free DLCs that R. Talsorian has put out to the Forge, specifically, those that add meaningful Items, Cyberware, NPCs, etc.

    This will be the master list of all DLCs we have converted with links to the Forge! We will update this thread as new ones become available. Some DLCs require ruleset changes to properly support with automation, so those will come later. All DLCs will be in the vault and require a purchase of the official Cyberpunk RED ruleset.

    Please report any issues you find with them here so we can address them.

    Current DLCs

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    For those who were here when I initially posted, I have just uploaded the rest of the DLC we have converted and updated the thread.

    • Hardened Mooks
    • Hardened Lieutenants
    • Hardened Mini Bosses
    • Cyberchairs
    • Midnight with the Upload
    • Must Have Cyberware Deals
    • The 12 Days of Gunmas
    • Woodchipper's Garage

    We are working on converting some more, so stay tuned for those!

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    Just added today:

    The 12 Days of Cybermas: https://forge.fantasygrounds.com/shop/items/1049/view

    Edit: Woops, forgot to click LIST on this one after posted. Refresh if you saw an issue!
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    New DLC available!

    Night City Tarot: https://forge.fantasygrounds.com/shop/items/1058/view

    Our latest build today released a new option in the settings to support Tarot. Check the above for more information!

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    New DLC available, with the latest update, which allows you to change the ramming damage values on vehicles:

    Spinning Your Wheels: https://forge.fantasygrounds.com/shop/items/1094/view

    Note: The "Plow with NOS" option on Vehicles will now only display if NOS and Combat Plow are added to the upgrades!
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    New build live today, which adds support for the following DLC, now on the Forge!

    Hornet's Pharmacy: https://forge.fantasygrounds.com/shop/items/1117/view

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    Now that Black Chrome is on the Store, we can also go live with the April Fool's DLC! (It has some links to Black Chrome items and items from the DLCs, see link for more info.)

    Achievements and Loot Boxes: https://forge.fantasygrounds.com/shop/items/1147/view

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