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    Save success or faliureconfusion and possible extension?

    Hi all

    Is there an extension out there that makes the text a little more intuitive when it comes to the wording of a failed save or a successful save? To give you a bit of context: I seem to always get confused when saves are concerned to work out whether the spell was a success or a failure. What I mean is if an NPC is burnt by my PC's Burning Hands spell it will say something like Save [18][vs. DC 16] -> [for Acolyte of Vecna] [SUCCESS]. We always get confused whether the spell from a PC standpoint was a SUCCESS or the Acolyte was Successful in the save... I know it's a small thing as of course the Acolyte was successful in the save, but when you play, you are really looking at it from a player perspective and the spell was not "successful" as the Acolyte saved.

    Perhaps it is just me who is getting a little old and all that, but is there an extension out there that will modify the language to say something like: Save [18][vs. DC 16] -> [for Acolyte of Vecna] [Your spell was saved] or Save [13][vs. DC 16] -> [for Acolyte of Vecna] [Your spell takes effect] ??

    Cheers Ibrene

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    Im aware of a extension that changes the saves in color but not one that changes how it is said. Look up Font color replacement for saves extension on the forge for the one im thinking of.

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