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    Midnight Character Sheets?

    First off, thanks to everyone that's contacted me about my first posting, I'm back at my compy and am writing you all back now.

    My old group's pretty much decided to play Midnight. We've bought some 2.0 books, since everything Fantasy Flight makes is solid gold. But does anyone have a character sheet for it, even if the ruleset is blank? It looks like the standard sheet that comes with FG2 will work, if we keep track of the major changes in the notes section. But if anyone's programmed or used one that's more appropriate, that would help me a great deal. Take care,


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    Funny, I just picked up Midnight rulebook and am thinking about creating a character sheet. Since it's d20 it looks essentialy a lot like the D&D character sheet with some minor changes. From the first glance I see the skills are a little different, but that's just a list, the spells look differently...

    Anyway, I am looking forward to it, although it's very likely someone will beat me to it. :P

    EDIT: See?
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    Hi Megan, follow the link DarkStar provided, and also see my sig.
    Midnight for Fantasy Grounds 2... a work in progress.
    So far: Ruleset, Modules.

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    Wow, that's amazing! I wasn't even expecting a reskin of the table. Is your set based on the first version of Midnight or the second? It looks like soon my sarcosan freerider will be layin' down the law Rohan style.

    Speaking of that, though it is a bit of an aside, does your ruleset or even the standard one have a simple way to keep track of your pet? It sounds like my horse will almost need a mini sheet of his own. I was going to keep his stats in the Notes section in back, though maybe its easier for the DM to make it an NPC creature for the combat tracker? How do you rangers and druids usually do it?

    I'm downloading your good work now, everyone interested should definitely take a look at the other thread.


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    For a major combatant pet you probably should make a second character sheet with his stats so it can be drag and dropped on the combat tracker. Certainly you should do this for a Druid's pet it will make it easier for you and the DM. Ranger companions tend to be slaughered in substained combat so it may be less useful to make one for them. Still it is the simpliest way to put all the animals skills and feats down and gives you a place to put all the pet's hot keys.
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    Thanks for the tip! This horse would actually "level up" occassionally when I do, so even if he's weaker than a druid's companion it might be sheet worthy. A thousand thanks; a ticker tape parade will be thrown in your honor, and comely women will shower you with baked goods.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MeganHunter
    A thousand thanks; a ticker tape parade will be thrown in your honor, and comely women will shower you with baked goods.
    Thanks. Interesting visual image. Why does the pie fight scene in The Great Race come to mind.

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