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    Automated Saving Throw Advantage Question


    I gave one of my characters a feat that gives them advantages on saving throws vs. magic. I would like to automate this somehow. I am using D&D 5E rules. Any ideas how to do this? Thanks,


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    Thanks for the quick reply. I do have to apologize, as I am a complete novice on this kind of stuff. I am assuming you meant this portion of the webpage "Other Traits
    Magic resistance Include a trait called 'Magic Resistance'. The NPC will then automatically rolled saves vs spells with advantage". The question I have is, where do I put the words "Magic Resistance"? See my attached screenshots. 119.png 120.png

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    I haven't tested this, but try this:
    Screenshot 2023-02-06 204016.png
    Notes: I gave it a target of Self so that it always gets applied to the PC. I gave it a power group of Boons so that it gets its own area/category; I do the same with racial features, class abilities, magic items, consumables, etc

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    See here for a series of videos on creating effects for FGU https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...177#post654177
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    10-4. Thanks for the link.

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    I followed what you did, and it worked!! Thanks so much. I appreciate it!!

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