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    missing mods

    i just got BRP for FG and my installation log says these modules are installed yet i can't see them in FG

    i: D:\Fantasy grounds unity\Fantasy Grounds\modules/BRPShort02 - Dwelling of the Ancients.mod
    i: D:\Fantasy grounds unity\Fantasy Grounds\modules/BRPShort07 - The Prisoner of Richelieu.mod
    i: D:\Fantasy grounds unity\Fantasy Grounds\modules/BRPShort03 - Escape from Earthport.mod
    i: D:\Fantasy grounds unity\Fantasy Grounds\modules/BRPShort04 - Footsteps in the Dark.mod
    i: D:\Fantasy grounds unity\Fantasy Grounds\modules/BRPShort06 - The Lost Temple of Garthoon.mod
    i: D:\Fantasy grounds unity\Fantasy Grounds\modules/BRPShort01 - Assault on the Farm-House.mod
    i: D:\Fantasy grounds unity\Fantasy Grounds\modules/BRPShort05 - The Bank Heist.mod

    I have checked my hardive and all the mods are present in the right folder but they don't appear to load?

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    The module names in FG are without the BRPShortxx in the title - search for "dwelling" (for example) in the Module activation window. Or, easiest is to set the "Ruleset filter" button at the bottom of the module activation window to "Ruleset" to see only the modules specificaly for the Basic Roleplaying ruleset.

    Another gotcha with these modules is that you won't see any content for them within the library modules window - you access the content from the Campaign data buttons in the FG toolbar on the right of the desktop - start with the (Introduction) story entry for each module.
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