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    [Paid][LFP][PF2e][Sun] Curse of the Crimson Throne [First Session FREE]

    FG License Type: Ultimate
    Game System: Pathfinder 2nd Edition

    Day of week and time: Every other Sunday 12:00pm (noon) CST
    Term: Paid, $20 per player, per session (First Session FREE).
    Voice software used: Discord

    In the shadow of an ailing king, a new ruler gathers power, sending shockwaves through a populace already plagued by unrest and pushing the largest city in Varisia to the brink of disaster. In the face of anarchy, a band of heroes gathers at the call of a mysterious patron. Strange magic and mysterious prophesies set them on the trail of a common foe—a path that draws them into a struggle to save the city from ruin. Amid the intrigues of kings and generals, heroes and thieves, it's up to these new heroes to decides whether the rule of a new monarch will usher in a new age of glory or a reign of chaos.

    And that is only the beginning....

    Game Link: Game is Full!!

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    This is a twice monthly campaign, every other Sunday, noon till 4:00pm CST
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    1 seat filled, 5 seats remain open.

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    @Trenloe can you please change the subject, replace [5e] with [pf2e] thanks in advance.

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    2 seats filled, 4 seats remain open.

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    3 seats filled, 3 seats remain open.

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    4 seats filled, 2 seats remain open.

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    Still have two seats open for this one.

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    Have 1 seat left available for this one.

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    This campaign is now full!!
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