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Thread: Shrinking tags

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    Shrinking tags

    Reading I found this code here (Wiki - Ruleset - Interfaces (Windows, Panels, Widgets))

    <anchored width="30" height="22">
      <left parent="label" anchor="right" />
      <top offset="5" />
    Is there a way to shrink the tags further? Something like this.

    <anchored width="30" height="22" left.parent="label" left.anchor="right" top.offset="5" />

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    No, there is no way to shrink tags to that level. Attributes don't have multiple nestings.

    If the anchors both have the same parent, you can do:
    <anchored parent="label" position="righthigh" offset="5,0" width="30" height="20" />
    Otherwise, if you are using different parents for different anchors, or specifying relative anchors; you need to use the long version.


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    I love the synthesis

    Ty Moon

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