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    Gary Con XV - March 23rd-26th

    Virtual GaryCon is coming up March 23rd-26th. They are looking for GMs to run games at the event and celebrate a life well-played.

    TableTop.Events(TTE) is used for badge purchases and game schedules. $5(US) Gith Badges are the minimum cost to attend, play, and run games all weekend.

    GM's can qualify for the following incentives for games run:

    o 8 hours get a free badge next year
    o 12 hours get a Digital Reward Pack

    To register and submit a game please visit the TTE event page here:


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    They have in person badges available as well now for $115. It's D&D's 50th anniversary and frankly most of the players from D&D's start would be in their 70's and 80's now, so if you want to play with some of the original players here is your chance. I had the opportunity to play with an 80 year old at a table near Lake Geneva who played with the original TSR players, interesting stories every now and then, but he was fading every session.

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