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    Table annotation query


    this question may well have already been answered, and there may also be a simple solution, but it relates to output from tables.
    When creating tables which call results from other tables via links, if the link is followed by the name of the table being linked (the default behaviour of FG), or any other annotation, this is output along with the results of the table called.

    Is there a way to have a table reference/name/annotation that is not automatically output to chat or story etc. (like a REM statement in BASIC... I know, I'm old), so that when placing a link to a table within another table its possible to have an easy way to identify the linked table for the purposes of debugging or updating?

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    Not in tables, but have you thought of using story templates? They could output text in between table calls. But... I don't think they could output in between nested table calls.

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    Thanks for the response, I am actually dabbling with the story templates,and I suspect what I'll need to do is make a column in my tables for annotation, and just select which columns to output through the story template itself. I think I may have seen that done in one of Zacchaeus' (excellent) tutorials. I'll have another look at it later.

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