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This calendar module includes all of the different calendars for the Dragonlance setting of Krynn.

For the definition of the days and months, I used this excerpt from a recent WotC book.

"The lands around Kalaman use the Solamnic calendar, which has twelve months, each containing four weeks. Weeks have seven days, and days have 24 hours."

So these calendars represent 12 months, each with 28 days for a year length of 336 days. If there are any more authoritative sources, please let me know and I'll update.

The world of Krynn is also home to many cultures which have different names for the months and days of the week. Included in this module are the following:








Source for names: https://dragonlance-the-new-heroes-o...krynn-calendar

All holidays defined in the above reference source are also included in each calendar.