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    Why can't "share record" when the window is maximized?

    So yea, basically the title.

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    I've wondered the reason, since this was discussed in Discord some months ago (maybe even a year by now). I've wondered too is this is considered a bug report or a feature request (although to be honest, it shouldn't be a feature request).

    Could a solution be setting up the "Share Record" button on the top bar of the windows?
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    It's on my list to look at, but not the highest priority. I have a ton of smaller features like this, which may or may not require client and/or ruleset changes; and I tackle them as I touch those parts of the code.


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    It does make new user experience seem flaky. Just saying.

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    I'd love to see this added.
    It's been a thorn in my side for literally years.
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