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    Checking interrest 5e

    I am interested in starting a 5e campaign. However.....i have the 3 necessary books, on my desk and digital on my computer. I am not interested in paying an additional $90 to get the same book here on FG just so that things are easier. I was considering starting a game with this software, but just using the software as a table top ie. maps, character sheet, minis, and dice. This will require people to do the math themselves, and understand their charters stats and how things are normally done. You know, as if you were actually sitting at a table with friends, in person.

    If i did this campaign it would be in a custom world, and run as sandbox as i can. I want to tell the stories of the characters lives, not the characters tell a story i want to tell.

    That all being said, i would run it using unity, and you would need a subscription as i don't have ultimate. The sessions will be likely bi-weekly and happen on a weekday. Ideally from 6-9ish pst.

    Is anyone interested in joining such a game?

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    I would be interested in such a game, what timezone is it out of curiosity.

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    Are you available Friday nights, 5:30-ish, EST? How do you share your layout (minis, maps, etc.)?

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    I worked through it with someone who had fantasy grounds subscribtion, it would work better for me being 6:30 pm eastern

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    im available on Tuesdays and have the ultimate license and a lot of the books. would look forward to being a player, if styles match up
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