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    About Paizo: - All the rules, monsters, spells, etc... Are available for free on the Archive of Nethys site.
    - They propose great bundles on Humble Bundle with great support for charity.
    - They do PDF stuff and it actually give discounts for vtts products.
    They are no 'savior' but I would call them 'White Knights' compared to WotC.

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    Just want to say thanks to Doug and team for their professionalism and how they respond to typically hot topics! Also glad to see the 5e and other dnd 1e/2e FG purchases I’ve made will be available no matter what but listening to the 3 interviews with Kyle, I think he’s sincere in wanting to put out fires that the OGL started and start to build back the relationship with fans and 3pp creators. I think the 2nd and 3rd interviews are better as if he knew some of us words weren’t taken in the context in which he meant.

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    This will probably be the last one I post but it's a interview with Kyle Brink, exec producer for D&D by Nerd Immersion. He does ask more questions outside of the previous interviews.

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    Fantasy Grounds AD&D Reference Bundle, AD&D Adventure Bundle 1, AD&D Adventure Bundle 2
    Documentation for AD&D 2E ruleset.
    Custom Maps (I2, S4, T1-4, Barrowmaze,Lost City of Barakus)
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    Quote Originally Posted by esmdev View Post
    D&D isn't the only system that Fantasy Grounds supports, there are some great alternatives. Pathfinder 1 and 2 both have an elf-ton of materials available and quite a bit of community support.

    Additionally there are a lot of 3rd party expansions to 5E that do not pay royalties to WotC. In fact many of those publishers are working to establish the ORC license so supporting them is supporting the migration from the WotC OGL.

    Just saying, FG has a lot to offer.
    I own fantasy grounds just the original dm version, I've been a longtime user, longer than just about everyone in this thread including the current owners . I'd have no issue playing that version if that's what the community used, but they don't. And any purchase of the unity version would include royalties to hasbro/wizards and at this point that's a non starter for me unless things massively change with those companies.

    Had the timing been different and I had purchased the unity version prior to that, as I was looking to do when this whole fiasco happened I'd have no issues using it. I truly believe this is the best application for online play for just about any pnp game system. So it does pain me not to.
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    FYI, purchasing FGU software does *not* generate a royalty to Wizards. You could even just buy FGU and play D&D 5E and not buy any books and Wizards would not get any royalties.

    What generates royalties to Wizards is buying the D&D Player's Handbook, DMG, Monster Manual, Adventures, ect.

    So you could buy FGU and play Dungeon Crawl Classics, Pathfinder, Savage Worlds (SWADE) or many other 3rd party RPGs and not give Wizards any money as well.

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    SmiteWorks does not have any direct affiliation with Hasbro or Wizards of the Coast; they are merely one of many publishing partners that sell content for our platform. As @Griogre mentioned, they do not get any royalties from us, unless you buy one of their products directly.


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    It looks like the ORC first draft will be released soon.

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