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    DnD 4th Edition

    Good Day everyone

    I just recently stubled on this website and am now considering to buy this product for my rpg party (as we live relativly far apart nowadays).

    I just heard the announced that 4th Editon of DnD will be coming out this summer and was wondering if this Software is going to support it?

    As this will greatly influence my decision of purchasing the software I would be very glad to know the answer to this.

    Thank you all.

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    The quick answer is yes, Fantasy Grounds will support 4th edition. The problem is that it may not do so out of the box. You may have to produce your own character sheet for use with 4th edition. This involves messing around with XML and Lua script.

    The official support for 4th edition will depend on the licensing available from WotC. At present it's unclear as to whether there will be an OGL for 4th edition in the same way as 3rd edition. This was discussed here.
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    Agree with Valarian. FG2 is flexible enough for most systems. There are plenty of talented people who will make a 4e character sheet if Smiteworks don't immediately do it themselves.

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    Smiteworks might not be able to. But I'm sure someone will get the job done.


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    I was just looking round here and fount out that Castles and Crusades is suportet. Now do I have to buy C&C for every player in my group or just for the Gamemaster?

    Similar if 4th editon rules will come out do you have to buy them for every single party member?

    Thank you all for the friendly and quick answers!

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    Ah, no. The GM buys the ruleset, and the players automatically download what they need from you when they connect to you.

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    It should also be mentioned that because much of the current character sheet is just text that you will probably be able to mostly use the 3rd edition character sheet for 4th anyway. There is still going to be hps, AC, ect. The spells will be different but spell lists are editable. The only real difficultly would be with automatically calculated stat modifiers and saving throws/to hit calculations. The stat mods, as well as the BAB and BSB calucations might also be different. However it should be easy to break the automatic link, if necesary, between the stats.

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