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    Creating fog of war and DM layers

    Hello, second basic question from an ex Roll 20 user: how can I add fog of war and line of sight to my tokens? And how can I "hide" tokens so that the players cannot see them up to the last second?

    Thanks a lot!!! Nobiledruen

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    See videos two, twenty nine, thirty and thirty two for adding occluders to maps. See videos eighteen to twenty one for lighting.

    Tokns remain hidden on the map as long as they are also hidden on the combat tracker. So as long as they are invisible on the CT they'll not be visible on the map either. With line of sight on then a token will only see tokens that are not blocked by line of sight and are within the tokens vision range.
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    Thanks a lot for this amazing collection of video tutorials!!!

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    Note, you are posting all of these questions in the FG Classic Help forum. It seems like you are using FG Unity, and should therefore post here:

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    Yes, I realised that now!!! Apologies!!!

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