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    Gumshoe Ruleset (beta)

    A new generic ruleset for the Gumshoe system is now available in the forge:

    This ruleset does not implement any specific game, but has been created with the rules of the Gumshoe SRD (, and is intended to serve as a basis for the creation of other rulesets based on Gumshoe system, although it is perfectly playable as is, or with some minor adjustments.

    This ruleset has been created for the Ruleset Wizard 2023 Xmas Challenge and is still in beta status, so you may find small bugs. You can clone or fork the source code for RSW from the project's github page:


    - Complete character sheet, with investigative and general abilities, weapons and combat section.
    - The character sheet calculates the total build points spent in each section. You can select the type of build points calculation for each ability.
    - Complete NPC sheet, with abilities and weapons section.
    - Combat tracker and automated combat system.
    - Library sections for abilities and backgrounds with drag and drop included.
    - New option in the options manager for forgiving / unforgiving abilities usage.

    To configure the list of default skills you have to edit the Data/GumshoeData.lua file.

    I hope you enjoyt it. I look forward to your comments.
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