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    How so I link to "waterborne vehicles table"?

    I wanted to add a link to the actual table (view) in my reference manual as well as in one of the story content pages.
    I know how to access the items on the table but not get the "table" link itself. Is this something that must be done after /export via xml edit?

    Or... is this something replaced in Vehicles sidebar and I entered them in the "old way" incorrectly (I started this a long time back and got sidetracked)
    And if it is in "vehicles" - I'd still want a way to include a reference to it in REFMANUAL and Story entries.


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    Update - yes, I was able to go into the /exported xml and add:

    			<name type="string">00.01.03 Boats for Sale in Estenfird</name>
    			<text type="formattedtext">
    					<link class="reference_groupedlist" recordname="list.item.vehiclewater">Waterborne Vehicles Table</link>
    				<h>Boats for Sale in Estenfird</h>
    and it worked.

    But is there another way using in-game editor? Not a biggie this way though, just wondering.
    Also - is entering them there correct or do we do it in Vehicle now? That was kind of in flux at the time I started this.

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    There's not a way to link a list from inside FGU.
    If there is something that you would like to see in Fantasy Grounds that isn't currently part of the software or if there is something you think would improve a ruleset then add your idea here

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    Cool - then what I did is the way to go.
    Unless - am I supposed to switch to using "Vehicles" for boats and stuff or is that only for spelljammy stuff? (I have not previously read up on vehicles and I know there were newer "enhanced lists" or something added. If I should move it to another record type, I will. I don't see the boats being used in the module for anything other than "reference" to their stats, but I prefer to know the "right" way as a general rule.

    Speaking of boat stats, that's another thing I'd hand edit in the past. Whenever I wanted a single-spaced list with bolding at the start, I found that simply highlighting and makign them bold didn't work most times and it was easy to end up with bold going elsewhere. I'd try putting a space at the end of each "line" which helped when bolding but not always. If it doesn't miraculously line up ("miraculously because I am not familiar with best practice in it prob lol) then I just hand edit in xml like:
    			<description type="formattedtext">
    					<b>AC: </b>11 <b>
HP: </b>50 <b>
DT: </b>- <b>
Crew: </b>5 <b>
Passengers: </b>2 <b>
Cargo: </b>1 ton <b>
MPH: </b>1</p>
    (I add the soft-line-break at the start of each line (usually already there from my shift-<enter> attempts) and a <space> after each value (ie: just before the <b> opener) if it didn't end up that way from my WSIWIGing in FGU.)

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    The vehicle record covers all vehicle types provided by the 5e rules. So this goes beyond Spelljammer and you can see examples in various other modules (Saltmarsh, Avernus, and so forth). The picture you provided the vehicle record has those area covered.
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