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    Altered State Extension possible bug or issue


    Just bought ICRPG ruleset and during my initial prep encountered an error message in the console.

    1. I created a new campaign with no extensions loaded and everything loaded correctly and no issues found.
    2. I created a new campaign with the Hearth extension loaded and no issues found.

    Sequence (that is repeatable for me) that leads to error:
    1. Create new campaign with ICRPG ruleset.
    2. Select Altered state extension in the extension list.
    3. Load.

    On loading the campaign the console window pops up with the following error:
    [12/18/2022 2:40:32 PM] MEASURE: RULESETS LOAD - 7.6103367 - ICRPG
    [12/18/2022 2:40:32 PM] [ERROR] template: Unrecognized merge attribute (replace) for template (button_char_inv_carried), skipped. [ICRPG_AlteredState] [campaign/template_char.xml]

    There were no further error messages during load.

    I then loaded the character sheet and there were another large number of errors concerning anchors for objects but I assumed this was due to the above error rather than anything new.

    ICRPG Ruleset (2022-07-12)
    Core RPG ruleset (2022-11-15)

    FGU v4.3.2 STANDARD (2022-12-11)
    OS Windows 10 (10.0.19045) 64 bit

    If you need anything else please let me know.


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    Those errors are from the ICRPG_AlteredState extension; which does not appear to be part of the official product in the store. It looks like you got this extension from the FG Forge (community provided mods/extensions).

    Per the Forge entry, the community developer who made the extension stated that any reports of issues for the Forge item should be reported here:


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    @Moon Wizard,

    Thanks for the reply and the directions.

    Copied the OP over to the correct thread. Is there any way to remove this thread as it is now defunct.


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