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    backup/recovery of db.xml

    EDIT: I've posted in the wrong forum; was googling for answers, and then simply posted in the same forum. reposting to unity.


    I was manually editing db.xml to put multiple paragraphs in a frame, something i've done dozens of times. but i must have done something wrong, as when I loaded the campaign to check my work i got some warnings (see below), and the campaign was completely utterly blank. Some quick googling suggests there's a db.backup.xml somewhere, but i don't see one in the campaign folder, i'm not sure if that's something people (smartly) do manually before manipulating their files. It's not a huge loss, but would be nice to recover if at all possible (i'm suspecting not).

    [12/17/2022 12:47:32 AM] [ERROR] Process Data File (): An error occurred while parsing EntityName. Line 1604, position 545.
    [12/17/2022 12:47:32 AM] [ERROR] Error while loading campaign database.
    [12/17/2022 12:47:33 AM] MEASURE: LOAD - PART 1 - 8.5653756
    [12/17/2022 12:47:33 AM] Migrating campaign database to latest data version. (CoreRPG)
    [12/17/2022 12:47:33 AM] Campaign database backup created.
    [12/17/2022 12:47:33 AM] MEASURE: MODULE LOAD - 0.2529739 - D&D Monster Manual
    [12/17/2022 12:47:33 AM] MEASURE: MODULE LOAD - 0.0214616 - D&D Monsters of the Multiverse - Players
    [12/17/2022 12:47:34 AM] MEASURE: LOAD - PART 2 - 1.3304518
    [12/17/2022 12:48:08 AM] Destroying match
    [12/17/2022 12:48:08 AM] Tabletop scene exiting.
    [12/17/2022 12:48:08 AM] Launcher scene starting.
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    Answered in your other thread.
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