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    Fantasy Grounds Map Pack 9 - W.C. Baker

    Creator's Note

    This Map Pack includes 9 maps. They include the following:

    -A Workshop. Three floors: Basement, Main, and Upper floors.

    -A Hideout/Rundown Bar: Two floors: a main and a basement floor.

    -A Fortress: Main and Upper floor.

    -A smaller Island in a ruined state.

    -A ruined Town.

    Some of these maps include:
    -Line of Sight
    -Misc. effects (Such as Water, Fireplace giving off heat, magical effects on summoning circles, etc.)
    -Reference Manual
    -Creator's Note story entry

    Please let me know if you should run into any issues, have feedback, or any suggestions/ways that I can improve my maps.

    These maps were created via Inkarnate Commercial License.

    I can be contacted at [email protected] or via the Fantasy Grounds message system.

    Thank you.
    __________________________________________________ ______________

    Version 1: Initial Release

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    Can't seem to scroll through the forge link to preview the content.

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    I had to update the preview images as I had forgotten to watermark them, I'll reply to this thread as soon as they update is approved. Sorry about that.

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    The updated images have been approved and are now viewable on the store page. Thanks.

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