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    Cardstock modeling

    I know this is wildly off topic from our general,fare, but is related to gaming and therefore I think fits within this specifc forum. And since there is an intersection of our gaming interests outside of vtt's and I've had good luck seeking advice here, I thought I'd give this a shot.

    I'm looking for good sites for paper models similar to fat dragon games offerings. I'm willing to pay for quality and looking more for ww2 and warhammer type settings. Any suggestions from the good folks here?

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    I used to make my own paper buildings. It was quite enjoyable.
    A website I used to get wowed by all the time was
    The things that people make from paper is just amazing.

    More and more today people are going the way of 3d printing this type of terrain.
    For D&D style stuff I love this guys work
    p2 of search has more interesting things

    I dont have any specific sources for ww2 or warhammer for paper but for 3d printing there is plenty in here:

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