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    Import Collection


    This extension is a collection of importers for different ruleset record types. These importers don't aim to be 100% precise but rather 95% because formatting is never correct and not everything can be accounted for. If you find any errors, please post them in this thread with the source text and error message or missing/wrong imported values.
    Only legal sources will be allowed in this extension (meaning official PDFs and sites mostly).
    On release, there is only one supported ruleset and one supported record type. More are to come in the future.

    Support Table:
    Ruleset Record Types Source
    PFRPG NPC Archives of Nethys

    1. Open the NPC sidebar
    2. Click on the new import icon
    3. Paste the content from Name-CR until the line before Description in the first window
    4. Paste the content from the Description in the second window
    5. Hit import
    6. Check whether everything is correct

    If you want more importers, you can either suggest one by posting in this thread with the ruleset, record type and source or you can create a Pull Request via Github. I tried to write understandable code
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    v0.2 - PFRPG-NPC spell support

    • Support for Spells and Spell-Like abilities
    • A spellclass gets created and spells are copied from loaded modules. Prepared and known casters work accordingly. Spell-like abilities are put in a spell-level according to the usage per day, otherwise level 0. Possible DCs need to be adjusted manually!

    • Attack detection now works more modular and detects more possible patterns

    PFRPG NPCs are now considered done.

    Importing a Solar:

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    Since it works with PF, does that mean it will work with standard 3.5 statblocks too?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chronikoce View Post
    Since it works with PF, does that mean it will work with standard 3.5 statblocks too?
    All 3.5e SRD NPCs should already be available in FGU.
    I don't know of anything else available online for 3.5e.

    That's why I did it especially for PFRPG, so no, this is currently not working with 3.5e.

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    Is this the replacement for CreatureLab?

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    Quote Originally Posted by XenusUk View Post
    Is this the replacement for CreatureLab?
    It's more of an alternative which is actively supported by it's dev.

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    Quick test, works fine with a copy of a NPC from Archives of Nethys (as expected).
    Will not work with PF stat blocks from any other source (yet).
    Tried pfsrd:
    Not even close, which was suprising as the stat blocks look the same at first glance. Hopefully this can be extended easily as pfsrd has a lot more NPCs available.
    CreatureLab did import the pfsrd NPC up to start of the spell block.

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    Also appears to work almost with AoN monsters.
    Tried Zana:
    The first attack option was missing but everything else imported.

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    From my understanding the reason why it does not full compatible is because most of the stuff is hard coded to check formatting. so if you convert something to be similar to Archives of Nethys stat blocks it will work fine.

    besides using it to convert online stat block i use something like this for homebrew monsters i or my friends make. all i need to keep in mind is the formatting changes.

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