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    Trying to find this source

    I'm getting this error in the chat box - not in the error log screen.


    I can see that the date that it deprecated was in July 22 but is there any way to find out what the extension is? TIA

    One clue is that the text comes up each time I load an image/map. Since I have to load a map every time, it's taking a LONG time to go through every extension I have and turn off.
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    There's not really an easy way. It's most likely an extension that you aren't getting from the Forge since those get updated automatically. Also most likely one that involves graphics or tokens if it's only happening when you load a map. Also check that if you have got an extension from the forge that you don't have an old copy in your extension folder. Clearly it will also be one you haven't updated in a long time. So if you know which ones you haven't updated check the source to see if it has and download the latest version.

    The only way really is to start a new campaign without extensions and test to see if you still get the error. If not then start enabling extensions one at a time until you get the error and then you'll know.
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    Thanks Zacchaeus - got lucky with the first few extensions and found the culprit. Author on Discord helped me sort it.

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    Couldn't hurt to say which extension it was just in case someone else comes looking with the same error.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnD View Post
    Couldn't hurt to say which extension it was just in case someone else comes looking with the same error.
    Good suggestion John. Thanks.

    The extension was Indicators from Rob Twohy and John Waite. Turns out the name of the extension had changed with one update and I was inadvertently loading both at the same time.

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    Yeah, it was a case of duplicate copies of the extension. One old and out of date which was getting loaded instead of the current release.

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