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    Motion Tracker for Alien RPG( works with any game)

    - Ok guys this is a module and an extension.
    - It is free and it is not automated as the Foundry version because a lot of the functionality with regard to images is locked out and not available to use.

    This requires a little bit of setup before your First session only. After that its pretty easy to update when you player takes their action to use their motion tracker. I tested it out in a few games and players all thought it added to the tension.

    Step 1 locate Button.
    mt button.jpg

    Step 2 to 3 (initial setup)
    Grab image from assets and drag to the motion tracker. Right Click and Zoom to fit.

    get image.jpg

    Step 4 Click the button on top left. This will open your image data panel. Notice I set a custom light for your Aliens. This is important. For the pulses to match up the lights should ALL BE IN SAME LAYER. So what I would do is copy the green pulse light and make it a new layer. When you bring an asset in it unfortunately combines all your layers into one. When you add alien lights just add them to this new light layer. The Image comes with a prepopulated green pulse with the correct settings to ensure sync.

    That is it your Motion tracker is now set up and ready to use in a game.


    - LOS on turns tracker black
    - LOS off All players can see tracker
    -LOS on and player token placed in box means only that player can see IF PARTY VISION if OFF

    Hopefully this all makes sense!
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    It seems very nice, thanks!
    So I'm playing a little with it:
    I assume I have to put the player(s) icon(s) at the source of the green light FantasyGrounds_cAYFysyqzq.png
    when I open the image data panel it appears to be transparent, really difficult to see and I'm unable to use it,
    I can clic only the few non transparent parts.FantasyGrounds_K3P7BgQoWO.png
    The red dot is hard to see, it seems transparent also.
    The box can perhaps be placed elsewhere because it cast shadows on the motion tracker screen (perhaps behind the wall at the bottom of the tracker?).
    If I understand correctly I put the players icons that don't use the tracker in that box with LOS on and party vision off : they see a grey motion tracker.
    And I put the players icons that are using the tracker at the source of the green light : with LOS on and party vision off only them can see the working tracker.
    Thanks for this great extension, I cannot wait to use it with the sounds of the real motion tracker !
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    when I open the image data panel it appears to be transparent, really difficult to see and I'm unable to use it,

    - So you need to drag the bottom corner of your panel down(make it bigger vertically) it only resizes for you. Your players just see the original sized square.
    - You can add a token with LOS on and the player or players can see depending on how Party Vision is setup.
    - Your players do not see the image data panel. Only you do.

    WRT where you placed. You need to setup the lights Like I described above. Once they are in different layers you can put the lights on top of the tracker. See step 4.

    these are limitations on the program nothing I can do about it. FG puts them all in same layer when you build the image from an asset. I can not adjust the brightness.

    BTW if you edit your post I am not notified so that's why it took me several days to respond.

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    Thanks for the clarifications, it is working nicely now. Editing was not a smart move for sure!

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    Sorry, how I added it to my game? thanks.

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    place the .mod file in your fgu modules directory and the .ext file in the extensions directory. Start FGU and check the motion tracker extension.

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    thanks Egheal! and of course bayne7400 for this.

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