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    LFE extension to modify Show NPC/Hide NPC button appearance on Combat Tracker


    I'm not sure this element is even modifiable but I'm looking for a theme or extension that works in DCC RPG and changes the appearance of the Show NPC/Hide NPC button on the Combat Tracker so that it has a higher contrast between on and off. Preferably it would be a color change. With the current themes and my failing eyesight I'm having an increasingly difficult time telling which mode the button is in. I can increase the UI scale to accommodate this but that creates other UI issues that I'd rather not deal with. Does anyone know of a theme (I've checked all the official ones) or an extension that does this?

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    Ok, just an FYI for anyone else looking for a high contrast Show/Hide NPC button. I found a theme that modifies the Show/Hide NPC button on the NPC record when on the Combat Tracker with high contrast red/green. https://forge.fantasygrounds.com/shop/items/12/view

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