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    Starship Combat Rounds

    I have something strange happening in our campaign for starship combat.
    The Phase Next Round and Round Next Round buttons seem to be on different counters.

    Round counter display 4 and when hitting Next Round it goes to 5. If counter is reset back to 0 and Next Round is hit it counts to 1.

    Starting from round 14 and role setup, hitting Next Round cycles through Engineering, Helm, Gunnery also on round 14. Followed by round 15 role setup.

    I can't seem to find a way to reset this counter. since its disconnected from the editable Round counter.

    Any suggestions?

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    Just click it a couple times to have it where you want it and reset rounds afterwards!?
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    That's the question, how is the Phase rounds number reset? The Round counter that is editable seems to be separate from the Phase counter for rounds.

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    I actually went and checked in FG. I see what you mean now. From the looks of it the Round Counter in the starship CT currently is the same as the Round Counter in the normal CT. Probably just a simple value that was misplaced in the code.
    Can you make a post in the bug report thread? It's easier for Dominic to keep track of things there
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    Roger, adding to bugs

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