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    Customized Random Encounter Generator PF1E/Core

    Howdy all. My first crack at a mod. Please enjoy.

    This mod will allow you to enter in the CR required, pick a terrain type and generate a NPC(s).
    You can have it scale up with more NPC's or keep the CR the same with lower end NPC's.
    There is some fuzzy logic in helping to increase the number of NPC's in a particular terrain set and of course you can pick any and it will generate a pool of NPC's to select from that include the entire range in that CR rating.

    Edit, adding note as commented to a response below regarding reset points.

    Things that reset:
    Pick a new CR it resets the environment. --> Rational as the list is not a static list and is dynamically generated as you change CR, e.g. not all CR's have a creature with that environment selection.
    Higher CR vs Locked CR # creatures --> Rational as noted above a test for environment type had to be done, checks for which button to present, error messages for over 20 under 1 etc. It was far easier to just reset the # to 1.

    Please let me know if there are any issues or problems.

    Future release:
    Handling NPC's between 21-25+ (If enough demand I could add it just seems pointless with so few NPC's)
    Handling NPC's below 1 - Non integer issues that i'm still looking at.

    NOTE: Known issue(s):
    Better Menus from Celestian. Current workaround is to call the extension via the /openwindow CeleRNDWindow this will allow the extension to run.
    Classic, isn't working nor tested with. See post #8
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    Quick question: was trying to get this working in one of my build campaigns, but it keeps throwing errors every time I attempt it, so I need to know if there are any extensions you *need* to have, or any that you know don't play nicely with it. The error I keep getting is that it's attempting to reference aw window that it claims does not exist (my guess is that it's a theme incompatibility, and I'm using Sir Motte's most of the time, but would like to figure out what i need to disable temporarily to be able to use it.) Or if anything else (like the use of the core buttons (rather than right-hand taskbar) might be the issue. (will probably keep testing with a few variations, to try to see what, specifically, is causing the issue).

    Ok, verification, the extension that very much messes with it is the better Menus extension, in case anyone else runs into the issue.
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    I'll check after breakfast. I built it with core and PF1E installed. I tested it with a few of the bestiaries. I did have an issue with PFRPG Bestiary-Linked when building it. I fixed the issues it was giving me. I was thinking of trying to put the button on the NPC window but hadn't gotten quite that far. I uploaded all the mods i'm running.

    Edit: Can you also tell me where and what error it's throwing. Is it just on load? Open? CR generation? and the error message. I just ran it on my full campaign, which has a ton of mods, and it's working fine. Thanks.

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    Hold for future releases. CR <1

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    Hold for future releases. CR 20+

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    Ok, sorry for the late reply, but I'm also in the process of a house move, so both my energy levels are rather chaotic, as is my time available. But yes, I did narrow it down to the better menus addon that's causing it to not function at all. I will link 3 images. First is it throwing the error the first time I touch any of the buttons in the random encounter generator, the 2nd will be an attempt at making it roll an encounter (and it fails), including scrolling to show exact error thrown, and the third will be the same campaign after pulling better menus. Note, there are other errors I have, but I am pretty sure those are exclusive to the 'universal module' (which is sometimes fussy, but needed for some of my generation work).
    and, lastly (the copy with it working):

    And yes, I did narrow it down to better menus being the one where, if removed, it works correctly.

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    Ok so for now when you use the extension don't use the menu button to open it. Use this from the console. /openwindow CeleRNDWindow
    I've verified that it works fine when doing that. I've reached out to celestian to see if we can figure out why when we call it from his menu's that it doesn't seem to create a window that the Interface.findWindow() returns a value.
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    i dont know if you intended to run this in classic or not.

    i copied this from a unity patch. if you have a better download please let me know.
    i dont see the menu button you mention. so i opened your toy using the openwindown command shown in prev reply....
    i got your screen up but any keypress of the generate button gets me
    Script Error: [string "solobutton"]:1: attempt to call field 'getSelectedValue' (a nil value)

    if this cant run in classic just tell me....
    i know i cant have all the nice toys on classic but i hoped...!

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    By classic, do you mean core or 1E?
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    I think they mean FGC.

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