I have an adventure I will be running that I would like to hire a cartographer to create two maps for.

One is a small hamlet, the other is a manor house that is part of the hamlet.

Both maps require LOS, effects masking, multiple layers for removing roofs, etc.

I have the Art Pack subscription and most of the top down token packs available through the store & forge for compatibility. I expect the artist to use the tools they prefer to create with.

The time frame I need this for is in the Spring of 2023 so this can be a project someone works on over time, no rush.

I have hired artists for my site and mapping, I believe that artists should be paid for their work. They would retain all appropriate copyright, etc.

Examples of maps/art I have commissioned: Small Kingdoms , Craniate Wastes

Creative details:
I have an image for the manor house to be recreated in FGU, and a description of the hamlet, Hourglass.

Glad to share more details by PM to make this more of a surprise to my players.