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    Heart of Darkness on Steam?

    The Smiteworks Store has a listing for Heart of Darkness, and it has a link to steam, but the link is broken (just goes to the steam store's front page) and a search of steam shows no Heart of Darkness. Will this be released on steam at some point?

    Ah! I see. I googled "Heart of Darkness" and "fantasy grounds", and found this page:
    Which says April 2022 ... but it's apparently not released yet.

    Any eta?
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    I'm not seeing this is a list of the Alien RPG products:

    Sounds like you've managed to get a pre-release link - is there even the option to buy on the FG store or does it have a dummy release date? It probably has a dummy release date - which means that it isn't ready for sale yet and the product page is a placeholder for when it is released.
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    I reached it by googling "Heart of Darkness" and "fantasy grounds". It's not for sale yet. Looks good though! Can't wait! I'm about to start some Alien RPG with my group.

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