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    Back again, as stated, and on time. I've got a BIG update too!

    Every single archetype on d20pfsrd got added, but not without a couple issues. The first being the Entropic Artisan Aegis. One of the abilities that gets is becoming an astral swarm. Swarm templates I know, but there's nothing about "Astral". There's nothing on d20pfsrd about it. I don't have any DSP bestiaries to find it either. It'll be left unfinished unless I can find the answer.

    The second issue, Dread (Nightmare)... This one took me two days alone to do because it completely breaks the scope of the project I set out to do. In truth, I wasn't going to include it...but did because it would've gnawed at me for not putting it in after proclaiming to have all the archetypes in this project. It uses a system of martial maneuvers from Path of War, which is very much like the Book of Nine Swords from 3.5 D&D. Despite being a divisive book in its own right, it did add a ton of mechanical flavor and content just for martial characters.

    So if you liked the Book of Nine Swords, I'd recommend Path of War to you. I, however, will not be including any more than necessary to complete this project. It needs to be its own stand alone project, one that I don't think I want to take up. However, if someone does, you're welcome to take what I've built in this project for the basis of yours. All I ask for is accreditation for the work done.

    I'll be taking some (much needed) time away from this as we turn to December, then it's back to work knocking out the Prestige Classes. I'll be back by the end of the calendar year with a new update.

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    Nice work. I'll poke at it a bit more when I get the chance but first at first glance looks good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blahness98 View Post
    Nice work. I'll poke at it a bit more when I get the chance but first at first glance looks good.


    I guess since I'm here, I could give a brief update. Doing PrCs is going so much faster than editing all those archetypes from the core class. I might have them all done this weekend, but there's still the matter of all those special abilities. It's a little messy right now and I want to clean that up before releasing another update. Still, its reasonable to think that this project could be completed by Xmas. We shall see...

    Until then, Happy Holidays.

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    The last (possibly) big data update drop went live today. All Prestige Classes were added, completing the module. All that's left now is just fixing any undiscovered errors, or adding reference links where needed.

    Thank you to all again to who messaged me publicly and privately your appreciation. Enjoy.

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    Thanks for your sharing work Tsriel.

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