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    [MoreCore] - Passing Modifier to Roll type RollOn

    I created a Roll that calls a table using the /rollon roll type. I was hoping to use a modifier field that is found on the bottom left of the screen to modify that roll of /rollon. However, when I trigger the roll, the modifier on the bottom left of the screen is ignored. Is there a way to pull in that modifier field?

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    I guess this leads me to my second question... how do I move a "Data" field on to the "MoreCore" main tab? more specifically, I want to replace one of the Dice fields on the MoreCore main tab to be a "List" type, similar to the "Data" fields on the "MoreData" tab of the character sheet.

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    There used to be an option to "flip" each of those roll sections to a different type of list but it made creating extensions a lot more complex so I moved them on to a new (MoreData) tab. You will need to write an extension if you want to do this.

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