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    Destroyer of Worlds maps - LoS?

    I just bought the core rules module - very cool. Thinking of getting Destroyer of Worlds. Simple question - do the maps in it already have walls and doors added for Line of Sight, or will I need to add them myself?

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    I don't have the product myself, but the store page doesn't have an LoS icon, which suggests that there isn't any Line of Site of the maps.
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    Ah, thanks. I'm quite new to Fantasy Grounds and only bought the module for Alien so far. Didn't know that was a thing - very helpful.

    Well that makes this adventure a bit of a 50/50 for me, then. I might go for the Colonial Marines Operations manual in that case.

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    I have purchased all of the Alien RPG content and none of it has LOS in it. Part of this is because in the Alien RPG, the players are given blueprints for maps so what the layout of the building or spaceship or whatever is usually already known.

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