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    Beta Release v4.3: Worse Line-of-Sight performance in some situations

    I observed that line-of-sight performance seems to be worse on v4.3.0 vs v4.2.2 in at least one situation. In this specific case I moved a token around a room in a specific path with token lock - in v4.2.2 the token moves around the room at the expected pace with no lag, but on v4.3 the token moves very slowly and skips a bit.

    To recreate in a new 5E campaign with no extensions:
    1. Load the Tomb of Annihilation module and open "Player Map - Rotten Halls"
    2. Create a PC and add to the combat tracker. The PC is completely empty except for a name and portrait.
    3. Drop the token on the map here: Path.JPG
    4. Enable Player Vision Preview
    5. Note that Line-of-sight is enabled for the map. Lighting is disabled.
    6. Enter the movement path shown in the screenshot (using ALT to use token lock movement as GM): Path.JPG
    7. Approve the movement

    Depending on which version you're on, in step 7 the token will either move as expected (v4.2.2) or really slow (v4.3).
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    FoW in 4.3 is now disabled by default. Do you also see this if you enable it?

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    Yes, I see the same with or without FoW enabled, however it's slightly slower if it is enabled.

    Here's how long it took the planned movement (from OP) to complete in each:
    • v4.3 FoW Enabled/PC: ~6 seconds
    • v4.3 FoW Disabled: ~5 seconds
    • v4.2.2: ~2.5 seconds

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    I've sent moon wizard my 5E BIG test campaign I use to stress test my extensions. Without any extensions its unusable in TEST - while usable in LIVE.

    I have a ton of NPCs (varying factions and owned by my test client - as I have extensions this is designed to run with and test dealing with players running NPCs for me and limiting their client views) on a map with lots of interesting LOS. Hopefully it helps them find it. If anyone else wants to use the BIG test map here is the LIVE version.
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    Thanks for reporting. I’ve forwarded this thread to @cpinder.


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    FYI, I tried this again on the latest TEST build (2022-10-14) and it seems the Line of Sight performance has gotten worse (at least in the test case from OP). The planned movement (here) now takes about 11 seconds to complete.

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    It should be the same as v4.2.3. Are you seeing a big difference between v4.2.3 and v4.3.0 on the same map?

    Note, this was reverted this morning to use the old method; since the new algorithm that @cpinder was looking at did not perform up to our expectations.


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    Yes, a pretty significant difference actually:
    • In v4.2.3: the movement path (OP) takes about 2.5 seconds to complete
    • In v4.3.0: the movement path (OP) takes about 10 seconds to complete

    Even just opening the map Rotten Halls from the Tomb of Annihilation module in a new 5E campaign on v4.3.0 (no tokens on map) makes the entire program slow down significantly. Turning off Line-of-sight (or closing the image) seems to resolve the slowness.

    On v4.3.0 with today's updates.

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    Thanks. I’ve bumped to @cpinder who is working on that code.


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    @cpinder just gave me a new set of code files that should help with this.

    Can you update and let me know what you find?


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