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    "Roll all inits" not working?

    I was playing around the initiative roller, I noticed some things, like "Roll all inits" doesn't seem to work (although i remember it working at one point) and rolling "All NPC inits" and "All PC inits" *only* works when you change a setting that clears all inits each round. I though this setting should be set to "On" by default, if it isn't already.

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    I will look into it it but the "roll all inits" option will roll for PCs and NPCs. The other option is whether or not it will roll each round instead of just at the start of combat.

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    Hmm, ok thanks, I have never heard of rolling once at beginning of combat as an option, but I could be wrong. Also, it seems the "roll all inits" doesn't work regardless of which option you select.

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    I said I would look into it and explained how it should work. What else do you want me to do?

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    A fix for this should be in the next release v2.3.1.

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