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    Where should this drop down be please?
    I can add stats but I have not yet learned how to make vehicles combat ready...
    Could the drop down be added to the top of a weapon item type. Thank you for re-adding the d6. Just having the stat fields on the vehicles would be good enough for the moment.
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    With the D6 re-added - big thank you - could you add D66 and D666 to the custom dice options on it please as they're mentioned on page 11 of the core book? The D666 is needed for the Artefact and Scrap tables, while the D66 is used on lots of the Zone creation tables. So glad you've brought the ruleset to FGU, I bought it for Foundry and have hated running it on there. Can't wait to get some of the content in and move our game over to FGU.

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    But if I want to add them to a D66 or D666 as the dice for a table I can’t find a way to do it. I’ve done what you’ve suggested by adding them into a chat box in a Story entry just to roll correctly on the tables. Problem comes though when you want to use Story Templates or nested tables. If the could be added on the other entries on the D6, maybe in place of d0 and d2? Thank you for the other changes.

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    You can access all the MYZ dice from:

    Right Click the d6 then left or right click the Custom Dice then left or right click any of the custom dice there.


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    Thanks you for adding the D600 and D60. For those who don't know, to make a d66, drag a d6 to an empty slot at the bottom and then drag a d60 to the same slot. Once you have the dice pool there you can drag it to dice slot on a table or sheet.

    There seems to be a problem with skills listed on the character sheet. When click on the item to open it on the sheet we don't get the lower text field and the console throws errors.


    Same skill opens without an issue from the Skills database.
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    I have an odd issue with nested tables, in this screenshot Sector Environment is the master sheet.


    We roll a 62 on the Sector Environment, this triggers the following:
    a, Text = Derelict Ruins
    b, Roll once on the Ruins table
    c, Roll once on the Threats table
    d, Roll once on the Artifacts table

    b, We can see in the chat that it rolls a 2 on the Ruins table, this results in a roll on the Ruins Industry table. It rolls and comes back with the text for the Swimming Pool. So that bit works as expected.

    c, Next it rolls on the Threats table but this is the odd thing, it does it twice and for the life of me I don't know why.

    d, Resolves the artifacts table correctly with a single roll of 7.

    Any ideas as to why it's rolling twice on the Threats table?
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