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    I would think this is simply the more items are in the lists on the actions tab the more resources it takes up. Casters would be the worst for this. The more things on the character sheet, more list items, the more resources are taken up and the slower the machine will be. Unless of course you have a 16 core i9 with 32 gigs of ram. I regularly see FG taking up a multitude of gigs of ram by itself.
    Firstly i run a 12 gen i7 and around 48 gb of ram. So under normal circumstances it should never be a problem. The issue was with how their nested lists were optimized and the fact that they updated what version of unity they were using.

    Basically on top of the optimization issues the new version of unity it changed how they updated game objects.
    meaning that the Nested list of a spell sheet was being updated an insane amount of times within a frame the extra processing caused the sheet to be unresponsive in several key ways. This extension actually helped lessen the load by splitting it up into different tabs. meaning it did not need to load or update it all each frame.
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    Sometimes underlying software updates are the worst!

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