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    Savage Worlds game saturdays noon GMT-8 (pacific standard time)

    Anyone interested in some savage worlds every other Saturday? If you haven't played savage worlds before, note that your basic copy of fantasy grounds is all you need. You do not need to buying/install anything.

    The campaign is a home brew world that I have been running fantasy grounds for 2+ years. I am calling the campaign "Grey Skies" to mark the transition from D&D to the savage worlds ruleset; however, the campaign will still take place in the continent of New Pisian as it has in the past.

    The website for this campaign is www.pisian.com. Even though I am in Oregon, the time slot should be pretty good for the European players out there, indeed in the past it seemed like the majority of the players were European for some reason. Players new to savage worlds are welcome. Need decent typing skills, this isn't a voice chat game.

    Teaser for the campaign is at: https://www.pisian.com/guide.html

    Six PCs available for the taking are at (note that you are encouraged to make your own PC too):
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    It sounds pretty interesting to me, i prefer to play clerics, i been playing for about 8 years now. PM me or message me with msn.

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    Okay - we've got two, maybe three players interested in a game tomorrow (saturday) tentatively @ noon gmt-8. If you want to come and try it out, PM me. I have pregenerated characters so that people can just drop by and grab one of 'em without requiring any prep time.

    Available characters:
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    Still looking for more players. If you aren't familiar with savage worlds, no biggie, two of today's three players are new to the system and the game went fine.

    Here is a chat log of the session:

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    I'd like to play.....

    I am new to Savage Worlds and FG but I have plenty of online experience.

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    I'd love to play, but I'm not sure whether yet another evening of gaming over the weekend would go down well with my wife.
    Using Ultimate license - that means anyone can play.
    Valarian's Fantasy Grounds Rulesets

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    Hey Long! How do you keep the chat logs? Oh and goodluck with the campaign...I'm moving soon so maybe I'll have free saturdays in a month or so.

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    Deguello - sent you a PM. If you want to play this saturday, all you need to do is reply to my PM (or this thread) indicating your interest. Ohh, and also make a character or choose one from my website.

    Sgain - just navigate to your campaign folder and you'll see a file named chatlog.html. Open that file and copy and paste the appropriate text.

    Valarian - well, too bad you don't have unlimited time for gaming

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    Still looking for more players. If you aren't familiar with savage worlds, no biggie.

    Here is a chat log of the session:

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    I'm interested. GMT-6 (Central Time). What rank? Novice?



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