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    Release Updates for September 20th, 2022

    Please remember not to update right before a game starts.

    In order for some of the updates to be visible, you may need to open the Module Activation window from Library->Activation, right click on the module and select "revert changes". Be warned, any edits you've made will be lost.

    Note: Hotfixes are to fix an immediate problem that prevents using a product. They are not fully tested and may introduce other issues. If you have issues with a hotfix please contact support.

    Note: Fantasy Grounds Classic is no longer receiving regular updates. These updates are for Fantasy Grounds Unity unless specifically noted.

    The following products have been updated:

    D&D Mordenkainen Presents Monsters of the Multiverse (D&D fifth edition)
    • [Fixed] Removed dash from Thunderbolt ability for Kraken Priest
    • [Fixed] Updated Corpse Flower stat-block, description, and reference manual. Stench of Death was listed under Spider Climb trait.

    D&D Ghosts of Saltmarsh (D&D fifth edition)
    • [Fixed] Incorrect page order in reference manual

    Level Up Adventurer's Guide (5E Compatible)
    • [Fixed] Some links in Cleric class
    • [Fixed] Missing specialization required in one trait
    • [Fixed] Prerequisite requirement in one Eldritch Invocation
    • [Fixed] Missing words in Dragonborn breath weapon ability

    Rise of the Drow: Collector's Edition (5E Compatible)
    • [Fixed] NPC
    • [Added] Parcel
    • [Added] Reference Manual

    D&D Storm King's Thunder (D&D fifth edition)
    • [Added] Cultist Balloon as a vehicle

    D&D Xanathar's Guide to Everything (5E) (D&D fifth edition)
    • [Fixed] Incorrect text in Transmute Rock Spell

    D&D Tasha's Cauldron of Everything (D&D fifth edition)
    • [Fixed] Some typos

    5E-Data (5E Compatible)
    • [Fixed] Some typos in SRD data

    D&D Curse of Strahd (D&D fifth edition)
    • [Fixed] Some typos
    • [Fixed] Line of Site in one map
    • [Fixed] Missing image
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    Starfinder RPG (Ruleset)
    • [Fixed] CharManager was not factoring campaign created races correctly. Would not display attributes correctly in dialog box.
    • [Fixed] Chat output for damage not matching damage being applied to actor.

    Fallout 2d20 (Core Rulebook)
    • [Fixed] Mongrel Dog Body Mind were not correct
    Dominic Morta
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    Cypher (Ruleset) (and Related Rulesets)
    • [Updated] Changed Edge on desktop Difficulty panel to Assets.
    • [Updated] Toggle to disable Edge added to desktop Difficulty panel for applying effort to attack and damage rolls. (From RAW, can only apply edge to one roll per action.)
    • [Updated] Edge now always applied to rolls unless disabled using toggle.
    • [Added] Armor speed effort cost now applied to Effort costs when making rolls.
    • [Added] Basic pool rolls can be made by double clicking or dragging current Pool field.

    CoreRPG (Ruleset)
    • [Dev] Update /flushdb command to work with future updates.

    Pathfinder/3.5E (Ruleset)
    • [Fixed] Random and max hit point options not working for NPCs with regeneration and fast healing definitions in HD field.

    Multiple Rulesets
    • [Dev] Calendar log list window moved to standard graphic assets to allow easier theming.

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    Hot Fix

    D&D 5E (Ruleset)
    • [Fixed] Players could see Description field when unlocking unidentified items in their PC inventory.

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    Hot Fix

    D&D 3.5E / Pathfinder (Rulesets)
    • [Fixed] Script error when attempting to toggle spell class header.

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    Hot Fix

    Basic Roleplaying (Ruleset)
    • [Fixed] Script error when first opening character sheet.

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