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    Underdark Campaign

    Hey everyone Im just wondering if anyone would be interested in playing a custom made underadark campaign I have created called Drow of the Underdark.

    If anyone is interested in joining as a player, as obviously ill be DMing, then just post a reply. Any race or class from the players handbook (so the ones in the FG Module) is allowed apart from druids and it's 3.5 version.

    I am the kind of GM that likes PCs to actually play as their characters though and actually roleplay and so the different speaking methods of FG will be used, e.g OOC, /e and normal IC. Other than people just saying everything in the default one.

    My timezone is GMT and the games will take place on Friday or Saturday nights. (thanks Beronar)
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    What is your timezone?

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    I'm very interested in joining. I've played PnP RPG for 20 years and I've used FG/FGII for the past two years. Friday night is the best option for me, but saturday will work as well. I'm GMT+1.

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    Excellent and i have a friend that will join in so We're searcdhing for around 2 more players.

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    I am game for Friday but what time you are wanting to play GMT is important as I am GMT -6

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    The time will preferably be in the evening probably going from 6pm until we decide to finish for the night.
    So 7pm and onwards for Beronar
    And Midday and onwards for Deguello.

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    Are you gonna stop playing with us Beany?? please don´t go
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    Hey Beany, I'll give it a go, if there is still room. I am not much good with 3.5 rules, but I can learn.
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    Course im stayin in the campaign with you guys haven and sure froggman now we're searching for about 1 more person

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    Game Calendar

    Hey guys anyone thats wanting to join in the game I have made a post on the game calendar for you all to sign up to and then we can decide on some dates.

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