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    New Pathfinder 2e Adventure

    If anyone is interested in running a new Pathfinder 2e Adventure Path type campaign in Fantasy Grounds, I just uploaded on the forge "Strife in Grimbone" that takes adventurers from levels 1 to 7. Here's the intro:

    "It is said by the wise that sins lie long upon the lands that fostered them. And that the sins of the Runelords still lie heavy upon the Ashwood and its environs."

    Ten Thousand years ago, Earthfall – a mighty swarm of meteors that fell upon the world – brought about the destruction of the ancient Thassilonian Empire in present-day Varisia on the West Coast of Avistan. But the magics of the Runelords have partially preserved their ruined cities and monuments from the ravages of time, though most are lost and reclaimed by local wildernesses such as the sinister Ashwood forest.

    The PCs find themselves in the lakeside fishing town of Pendaka near the Ashwood. What starts as a trade mission to the neighbouring mining town of Grimbone rapidly becomes a desperate investigation to save the town from undead hauntings and diabolical raids. Only by uncovering the secrets of the region's Thassilonian past will the PCs prevail.

    Equivalent to the first two modules of the typical six modules of a Pathfinder Adventure Path, Strife in Grimbone is the first in a series of connected adventures that will take the PCs to level 20. Unconstrained by physical printing costs, this module is more extensive than the typical published adventure path. I have expanded descriptions and encounters to provide more detailed suggestions, for example regarding combat tactics. GMs and players relatively new to Fantasy Grounds may benefit from tips provided in bold face to help set up and run encounters and other activities on the virtual table top.

    The module's maps make full use of line of sight, lighting and water, burning, fog and other effects. Multiple painting layers allow revealing of features and traps dynamically during exploration. GMs will therefore benefit from purchasing the FG Spell Templates and the PZO1027-Traps and Treasure-Pawns. I have tried to automate as much as possible in the way of creature and hazard actions and effects. Finally, a reference manual is provided for easier reading of the module.

    Acknowledgements: I would like to thank the adventurers Dreadwolf, Kelton, Morgrim, Shay Moonwhisper and Shulkiru who patiently put up with my novice Fantasy Grounds GMing while bravely playing/play-testing this module.

    Any comments or questions welcome on this thread or by personal message.

    Happy Gaming!

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