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    LFG - Attack of the Swarm! AP1 - New Players Welcomed

    ***FULL*** Thans for your response!

    "No loose ends"
    You are part of a 4 element MERC team called ASOG (Absalom Special Operations Group). The group is mostly ex-military, now looking for the biggest missions with the biggest payouts.

    A Megacorp group from Absalom station has some loose ends to clean up on Suskillion before it is overrun with the swarm. Under the ruse of a small band looking to join the Suskillion defense force, your are to make your way to the planet under cover. Targets will be made know to you once on site. Time is short and there will be no backups. And no second chances. Just remember one thing…there will be no loose ends.

    3/4 slots open
    Every Saturday night 7pm - 11pm CDT (Chicago time)
    Discord and FG Unity
    New players welcome
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    Sounds like fun.

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