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    3.5e proto-industrial campaign starting- updated 10th of November

    We have 3 players, looking for a 4th. We're all experienced gamers. We only ask that you are mature, can type good English, and respond quickly. Please contact me for more information. We're not set on a time yet, but we all know each other in real life so it will basically be up to you.

    The game setting is a personal one which is fantasy with some pre-modern technology- steam engines, flintlock pistols, etc.
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    I'd be interested.
    What's your timezone ? Im' in Europe (GMT+1)
    Wanna Play? Yes Wanna DM? Yes (The Shackled City Campaign) Best day to play: Weekdays Best time to play: 7pm GMT+1

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    Bware- see below.

    Somebody PMed me asking to elaborate on the game. I figured I would post my reply here just to help out others, too.

    Hey there. We will be running the game in EST. Three of us are in New York and one in Boston. The campaign setting is one that I wrote about 2 years ago and used in an actual D&D campaign, but it ended up only lasting about 3 sessions. Rather than let all of the work go to waste, I've decided to resurrect it for FG. I wouldn't go so far as to call it Steampunk, although there are certainly some elements from that genre. At it's heart it is a fantasy setting with some more advanced technology that you might find in a Steampunk setting.

    I am certainly more interested in story-telling and roleplaying than dungeoncrawling. I wouldn't say I hate dungeoncrawling, because I love great action parts, but I don't like the idea of there being "dungeons" in the world for the players to kill **** in. I much prefer having the "dungeons" as realistic areas which pose a dangerous obstacle to the player, but would logically exist in the game world. That being said, there will be plenty of action-packed areas, but I hope to fit them rationally into the world. The rest of thew group is, for the most part, more interested in roleplaying than dungeoneering. So I will see how everybody feels, see how the game is going, and hopefully have an enjoyable mix of action and story.

    The campaign setting can be found here- https://www.dayofreturn.blogspot.com/ I haven't touched that since last year when we actually played in the campaign. You can ignore the bits about meeting times and the specific player characters, but the large chunks of writing are about the setting. There are also some session summaries you might be interested in.

    I basically only use Googletalk for contact- [email protected] Since you probably don't use Googletalk, I can open MSN or AIM. Just let me know which one you use. We are hoping to make characters today, actually, so if you could get back to me soon it would be sweet.

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    I'm also interested. I'm in the central time zone and Monday, Thursday, and Friday evenings are best for me. But, any time on Saturday will work too.

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    Further update, we'll be playing Tuesday nights, 6:30 PM EST. This is subject to change, but that's how it is now.

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    Ok, then I'll have to bow out. I have night classes on Tues and won't be available until Dec 11. But let me know if things change.

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    Sounded interesting the the big time difference means, it's would start aroudn midnight here.
    Thanks for the info
    Wanna Play? Yes Wanna DM? Yes (The Shackled City Campaign) Best day to play: Weekdays Best time to play: 7pm GMT+1

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    Did you wind up making characters already?

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    We did not. All are still welcome.

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    Reading over the campaign intro (or the old one, anyway , has brought to mind a few (ok, maybe a lot of) questions. Many of these are probably answered in some other link I didn't see, so feel free to refer me to whatever I missed 8).

    What is the state of gunpowder technology? I thought I read somewhere you saying single shot breach loaders, but I can't find it now :/. Is there cartridged ammo and/or any concept of a multi-shot (before reload that is) firearm? How accurate are the firearms of the period? Are these black powder weapons or something entirely different?

    Also, about steam engine technology, you mention forays into electricity, does that mean there exists the dynamo? Has the steam turbine been invented yet? Is it possible to have things like a war wagon for the party to roll around in? How does steam tech and engineering (and explosives for that matter) intersect with DnD's conception of skills? I.e. If I wanted to know enough to make dynamite, or run simultaneous charges, what sort of skill would that take? Or are there feats involved? Similarly for gunpowder weapons and steam power, etc.? How do these things work into the character options? Also, I'm curious what the model for guns are? What sort of damage do they do, how long is the reload, rate of fire, range modifiers, etc.?

    Also, for character concepts, are you thinking more to focus on working in/with/for folks in the Central Hub, or were you thinking to have everyone be part of the disenfranchised masses? Or even folks foreign to the city?

    And finally... Isn't tanqueray a gin? 8)

    Hope I didn't ask too many questions .

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