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    Bug: Duplicate Story Shortcuts Causes Crash

    Not sure if this has been noted, I was not able to find this issue when I searched the forums.

    Here is the bug:
    1. Open any image and turn shorcuts on.
    2. Now drag a story link to this image.
    3. Now drag the exact same story link onto the image
    4. Exit FG2
    5. The following crash error message appears (see attached)
    This only seems to work with story shortcuts and it doesn't appear to corrupt the db. This can be reproduced on a custom ruleset (my True20 one) or by using the default d20 ruleset that comes with FG2.

    System: Windows XP SP2 (fully patched), FG2 (fully patched), ATI Radeon 850 AGP, AMD Athlon 64 3500+
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    It also happens if you try to link maps.
    I tried to link a castle's upper level to it's underground. There are multiple entry points to the lower level so I wanted to put pins on those entry points. As soon as there is more then one shortcut to the same map, the crash occurs.
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    I reported this a while ago. As Kenshin said, the problem occurs whenever you have more than one pin linking to the same thing. Apparently Pin IDs are suppose to be unique but when you link more than one to the same place their IDs are the same, so FG crashes. This bug also happened in FG1.

    It's always good to report a bug, though. I've worked on a couple of projects where everyone *knew* about a bug but it was never formally reported. Guess what, that product shipped with that bug.
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