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    Nightvision vs Darkvision

    I'm sorry if this has been mentioned before, but what is the different between nightvision and darkvision? From what I can tell, Elves have nightvision, meaning they can see at *night* which to me means outside, with some ambient lighting like moonlight or starlight, like it was day. Darkvision means a character can see *underground*, where there may be no lighting at all, so like a dwarf or a troll. So when I add "nightvision" to the senses for an elf, it seems they can see limitlessly underground using the lighting effects, where there is no ambient light at all, which to me does not make sense.

    Of course, then there is "infravision" which I suppose is even more complicated.

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    FG was wanting to have this sorted almost a year ago or more, now, but a bug in their code made Nightvision useless in employing it.
    (I do not think this is fixed, yet)

    As a kludge fix, many GMs ask a Nightvision-blessed users/players to create a 2x diameter “circle” of any light sources. These then get moved around one’s token every step/hallway/potential encounter; indicates the ability to note actual ranges one can see vs a standard light source.

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    There is nothing different between Nightvision and Darkvision the moment (at least from what I remember Dakadin saying), at least as far as the implementation in FG is concerned.

    As I recall, there is something about the implementation in the CoreRPG code that is not yet fixed.

    I do not believe the lighting is additive in FG.

    So, Nightvision works even with no ambient light, you'll have to track that manually. If there is no other light for Nightvision to use as the base (for Elves), you'll have to basically blind that character.

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    Yeah, there were performance issues with the vision that would have worked like RM nightvision, so it got pulled. I originally had nightvision not providing any additional vision because there wasn't a way to represent it accurately but it was confusing people so I set it up similar to darkvision.

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    I guess there would need to be a way to detect whether a PC was "outside" or not, meaning are they surrounded by walls? For now I am just going to remove it as a sense unless the player is outside then I will add Nightvision as an effect.

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    The vision that got removed just amplified the light if it existed instead of allowing seeing in the dark. If I hear about it getting added back in then I will update Nightvision to use it.

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