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    How do I raise the number of successes need to hit in combat?

    What is the best way to handle weapons being out of range? I don't see an immediate way to raise the number of successes needed to hit in combat. I am currently dragging the dice onto the enemy so that it figures in hit location automatically, I can use the actual skill section to roll weapons then it figures in the D2 I set... but it doesn't roll random hit location.

    Please advise, thanks.

    Edit: So if I use the skill section to roll to hit with a weapon I need to make a random location roll, how do I do that without rolling an attack?
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    Make a number of custom effects that can be applied to the creature being attacked which will buff their defence stat. I suggest making at least 5 of them (1 to 5)

    DEFENSE: # (with a duration of 1 so if you forget to remove it it will disappear after 1 turn

    eg DEFENSE: 2 will add 2 points to the creatures already existing defence stat.

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    I am new to FGU, can you explain how this is done or point me to where I can figure out how to do it?


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    1 - In the tools section on the right is a figure with some sparkles (should be the middle one of the bottom 3 icons) open that up.
    2 - In the window that opens up select the little plus icon on the bottom right
    3 - Type in Difficulty Increase: DEFENSE: 1 and leave the 1 in the little box. If you want to call it something put that in first followed by a colon and space (see attached)
    4 - Apply the effect onto anyone who needs it (PC or NPC)
    See attached for what I am saying

    Note if you want to make the effect last until you want to turn it off then put a zero (0) in the little box
    Note this will add the number to any Defence rating that may already be present. so adding DEFENSE 1 effect to a creature that already has 1 defence rating will now have two (2) defence rating

    The Fantasy Grounds Fallout 2d20 wiki has a lot of info on what you can do with effects

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    Thank you so much! I will be going more in depth in that wiki as well!

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    I must be doing something wrong or I just don't get it. I created the Defense increases as suggested, and during the mock combat it doesn't seem to be factoring in? For instance I gave a Super Mutant Defense 2, which should theoretically make it so it raises the difficulty by 2 to hit, but as you can see that doesn't seem to be happening.

    I am sure the issue is on my end but if you wouldn't mind explaining it I would be grateful.

    Attached is an example of what I am seeing.
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    Found the problem I gave you some bad directions, there should be a semi colon after the text Difficulty Increase not a colon

    Difficulty Increase; DEFENSE: 1

    Should of worn my glasses, sorry about that one


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    No worries at all, I appreciate the assistance! I made the changes and it works like a charm.

    I am learning the Fallout ruleset and FGU at the same time so the help is definitely something I'm grateful for.

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