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    Trolls an renegeration - it's not disabled after they get hit by fire or acid damage


    i recently used some trolls in my campaign and found out that they do not get the regen effect disabled after getting hit by a weapon doing fire or acid damage and i'm wondering if that is correct and i missunderstood the rules of if that's a bug? Can anyone help me clear that out?

    I used the troll from one of the bought rulebooks, so i didn't change anything and it's a mob "out of the box". it says someting like "regen: 5 (fire or acid)" (not 100% sure about the exact wording since i'm not having FGU started right now). After getting hit by for e.g. a plasma weapon (dealing fire damage) or a spell (dealing acid damage) the troll still regenerates 5 hp at the start of its next round.


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    I can reproduce this and confirm it is probably unintended behavoir. Probably a good idea to make a report in the bug report threat just to make sure Dominic can take a look at it.
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    To clarify: the troll does get an effect
    REGEN: 5 acid or fire
    which won't work regardless but even a normal
    REGEN: 5 fire
    doesn't behave like intended.
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    Thank you Evo, i'll report it as a bug then.

    Have a good day

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    To add on to Evo's ticket:
    It's not only attacks, but also lasting effects that are ignored; i.e. if an enemy has burning or corroded, they receive perpetual fire or acid damage, respectively, at the beginning of each turn.
    This should disable regen until the end of the enemy's next turn, but this doesn't proc either

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