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    Language output to chatbox

    I have been searching for a way to use another language in the chatbox via story pane. Not use Spanish or another real world language, and not use the drop down to change the "DM Voice" to speak in draconic.
    I want to type in a story pane and have it output to the chatbox as draconic or elvish or whatever. I can't seem to do this without typing it in Word and ctrl-V into the chatbox with the proper drop down selected. Is there an easier, built-in, way to do this?
    Like, /draconic before a chat frame?
    I'm stumped.

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    There's no mechanism to do that currently.

    To workaround, you can copy the text, paste into the chat box, and set the correct language.


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    I think I have come up with a work around. I put the part that I wanted to be understood by the players speaking draconic in a note, then linked that in the story pane so I could easily drag it to their character when the time was right. They could then choose to share or not.
    Not elegant, but it should work.

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    If you give your chat bubble a speaker then you can select the language in the drop down and then click the bubble icon. The chat will then be in the language you selected. Without a speaker the chat in the bubble will ignore the language selected.
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